Do you have what it takes to defeat a vehicle ambush and escape to safety?

Experience the defensive posture from the perspective of a Close Protection team in a hostile environment as well as the aggressive posture of a Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team.

This is like nothing you’ll see outside of an elite military training base unless it’s on the set of an action movie.  Experience the exhilaration of laying down quick and accurate fire from a moving vehicle against a range of different targets using replica paint-firing assault rifles.  Firing from a moving vehicle presents a unique challenge – you only get a split second to engage each target.  The experience culminates in a highly intensive final exercise which includes engaging an aggressor vehicle chasing you down in your own car.  The adrenaline rush is on another level.

The profile…this day is intenseYou’ll be avoiding being ambushed at all measures as you work your way through the complex scenarios…

  • Small-team vehicle gunnery skills using replica firearms and operating from a range of vehicle types.
  • Hostile Environment Close Protection vehicle skills
  • SWAT team vehicle skills
  • Vehicle gunnery and marksmanship
  • Engagement of static targets from a moving vehicle
  • Dynamic engagements of moving targets
  • Mixture of vehicle types
Vehicle Gunnery shooting a target

What you’ll be doing during this day…

  • Safe weapon handling skills and familiarisation of paint-firing replica C8 assault rifles on a range.
  • Introduction to operating from, and engaging static targets from, a moving vehicle with your expert instructor at the wheel.
  • Consolidation of vehicle marksmanship skills, engaging multiple targets from a moving vehicle.  This time the pressure is cranked up a notch.
  • Learn to defeat a vehicle ambush and withdraw to safety.
  • Final Exercise.  Maximum-pressure final exercise culminating in a car chase shoot-out.

Real world military experience…

Bringing you a range of tactical scenarios to suit all participants.

Whether you’re looking for that fully immersive, and challenging event, or just a fun day out with your friends or work colleagues.

If you’re wanting to improve and learn some fundamentals of combat, or whether you’re part of a team of individuals looking to learn some real world tactics involving Close Quarters Battle (CQB), then this is the event for you!

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