V-FORCE Training, April Newsletter

Chris Vosper sitting on the BMW 300 bonnet

Welcome to this month’s V-FORCE newsletter to keep you up to date with what the Team have been up to.

A message from Chris…
It’s been another non-standard but busy month for the V-FORCE team. We’ve adapted to home working, made frequent conference calls and used media sharing platforms to good effect but fundamentally we’ve continued to develop the business administration and marketing activities.  
We are extremely grateful for all the health and critical workers, and everyone involved in helping to keep us safe and well during the COVID-19 situation.  Our responsibility, alongside the numerous businesses temporarily on pause, is to be poised and ready to commence trading as soon as it is safe to, so we can do our part in keeping the British economy moving.
That means we need be ready in all respects to deliver our training courses, but we must do so with considerable flexibility as to how and when.  We will ensure that all necessary measures are in place to keep our customers and staff safe by the appropriate use of PPE and correct procedures, according to Government direction.
We have revised our 2020 course dates and those will remain under review.  We’ll adapt as the situation unfolds.  
In the meantime, I hope you manage to remain safe and productive.  I look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon.

James May of JamesMay-Media produced some fantastic cinematic clips of the fleet back in Feb/March which has enabled us to continue to release engaging social media content. During the month of May we plan to release some further short clips of our events which we’ll share via our social media channels.

We’re making great productive use of this prep time by continuing to enhance our websites (UX) user experience and social media channels engagement. Keep an eye on our V-FORCE Facebook page and the Website BLOG page over the coming weeks for news and event updates.

We always appreciate a thumbs up 👍 or a share from our supporters!

We are delighted to welcome Stephen “Fin” Finlayson to the V-FORCE team as the marketing SME. Fin is a man of many talents, a marketing wiz and creative wordsmith, with a Military, Close Protection and PT instructor background.  His wealth of digital marketing expertise make him the ideal advertising and marketing lead and he’ll make a vital contribution to the team effort.

WORLD BOOK DAY, 23rd April 2020
I’ve read many great books, articles and blogs and listened to numerous audiobooks and podcasts but I wanted to highlight just four books that have been the most useful to me.  I’m sure you will find them useful, too.  I certainly hope so.

They are all self-development books that enable the reader to improve specific areas of their life by applying the lessons taught.  They’re a bridge to a larger pool of wisdom from all four authors, each of whom have written numerous other excellent books.

Why not read the full article here:
World Book Day BLOG

Our training courses will only go ahead when it is safe to do so.  Here are the revised 2020 dates, all dates in red have been cancelled due to COVID-19:

May – Fri 15, Sat 16, Fri 29, Sat 30
Jun – 
Fri 05, Sat 06, Sat 20, Sun 21 (Father’s Day: Father and Son/Daughter event)
Jul – Fri 03, Sat 04, Fri 17, Sat 18 
Aug – Fri 07, Sat 08, Fri 21, Sat 22 
Sep – Fri 04, Sat 05, Fri 25, Sat 26
Oct – Fri 02, Sat 03, Fri 16, Sat 17
Nov – Fri 13, Sat 14
Dec – Fri 04, Sat 05 

We will remain flexible with these dates.  If future dates need to be cancelled due to COVID-19, please be assured that you can simply rebook to another date.


Best wishes and please stay safe and well.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon.  

Chris Vosper
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