V-FORCE hosts Krav Maga Croydon for a day of Urban Motorist Survival Training

After the EDT training was completed, we spent an extremely useful period of development time preparing and evaluating the contents of the forthcoming V-FORCE Urban Motorist Survival course.  Due to the proficiency of the team’s Krav Maga skills it was possible to accelerate through some of the serials during the course.


The training objectives are to counter the threats that could possibly face ordinary people in and around their cars in typical urban situations such as muggings near their car, scooter muggings and road rage.  We looked at a number of threats including unarmed attacks, edged weapons/knives, blunt instruments/baseball bats, handguns and multiple attackers, all within the context of the dynamism and complexity of urban motoring.

We took the team through a number of different scenarios, including:

  • Countering a mugger on foot, then getting in the car and driving to safety, both within a few metres of the car and also at a distance requiring the victim to run to their car and escape
  • Countering attackers on foot (or scooter) whilst sat in a stationary car, both in the driver’s seat (as if waiting at traffic lights) and also whilst sat in other seats (to simulate, for example, being attacked whilst waiting in the car for the driver to return from the shop at a petrol/service station)
  • Countering a road rage-induced incident where the victims’ car is pinned in by two other cars, as a tutorial (NB it is possible to conduct defensive and offensive driving training with V-FORCE involving car to car contact, ramming drills, PIT manoeuvres, etc as a separate training package

In line with Krav Maga protocol, having good situational awareness of potential threats and general hazards as well as considering possible counters and escape routes in advance is fundamental to having a better chance of surviving an attack.

Krav Maga (pronounced crav magar), is a modern self defence system from Israel. Krav Maga is the longest standing military based self defence system in modern history.

The official Hand-to-Hand combat system of the Israeli Defence Forces, Krav Maga is widely recognised as the most practical & effective self defence system available. Used extensively by military and law enforcement agencies, Krav Maga is renown for tough, realistic training, intense sessions and emphasise on simplicity.

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