Ayesha, Derbyshire Apr 2021

Evasive Driving Training at Walters Arena FWD

“I had a fantastic day with the V-FORCE Team. They were like good old friends even we met first time on the day. I learnt how to do J turns – GREAT FUN!!!, how to do handbrake turns 90, 180, 360 ish 😀 and finish with a routine linking all the new learnt skills.

Than we had a nice lunch at a nearby place which I would not necessarily recommend if you also driving on the afternoon on the day in the subaru. Don’t get me wrong the lunch is delicious but the subaru tossing and turning are more fun with empty stomach.

Its a great day out for fun or bonding or competition with friends. I did many driving experiences but this was best value for money to me. Highly recommend them! Enjoy”

Ayesha, Derbyshire – April 2021