Ayesha, Derbyshire Apr 2021

“I had a fantastic day with the V-FORCE Team. They were like good old friends even we met first time on the day. I learnt how to do J turns – GREAT FUN!!!, how to do handbrake turns 90, 180, 360 ish 😀 and finish with a routine linking all the new learnt skills.

Than we had a nice lunch at a nearby place which I would not necessarily recommend if you also driving on the afternoon on the day in the subaru. Don’t get me wrong the lunch is delicious but the subaru tossing and turning are more fun with empty stomach.

Its a great day out for fun or bonding or competition with friends. I did many driving experiences but this was best value for money to me. Highly recommend them! Enjoy”

Ayesha, Derbyshire – April 2021

Ali, Hampshire Sept 2020

“Well organised, information rich with plenty of hands on activity. This course takes you from regular driving to knowing the essentials of how to get yourself out of trouble quickly and effectively.

Valuable training for anyone travelling or working independently in areas that might require heightened levels of vigilance but also a great experience of folk who want to get a feel for what its like to be on the pointy end of surveillance and intelligence gathering.”

Ali, Hampshire – Sept 2020

Nicky, Berkshire Sept 2020

I received the V-FORCE Training evasive driving course as a birthday gift so my first contact with them was on receiving instructions for the day.

Communication from V-FORCE was clear and straight forward. They provided all the information I needed to find the venue, what to expect and documents I needed to bring along with me. This included information on how Covid regulations would be implemented.

On arrival I received a warm welcome and was introduced to the team. After a briefing and introduction to the course we headed out to the cars to undertake a surveillance operation. It was during this operation that I realised what I had let myself in for.

The action started straight away and before I knew it we were being surrounded by armed gunmen and in a frenzy of screeching tyres, shouting, a high speed chase, gunfire, hand break skids and utter confusion (on my part) my calm and collected driver turned to me and said “you’ll be doing this by the end of the day”. I was blown away, it felt real and the day only got better.

I cannot fault the whole experience. The friendly nature of the V-FORCE Team is welcoming and reassuring. I felt completely safe right from the start.

The vehicles are in great condition and were sanitised and inspected by the team and mechanic after every driver swap and the instructors are highly skilled. There are strict health and safety guidelines and all members of the team made sure they were followed. 

I struggled with a couple of the manoeuvres but my instructor made time to give me extra tuition so I was confident and capable of completing the big finale and wow what a finale it is! I felt the whole team was invested in making my experience the best it could be. 

It is clear to see that this is a group of highly skilled people all working together to give you an outstanding experience and the professionalism of the team is visible right from the start. I feel I have gained confidence when driving due to the skills I learned on the course.

The school run will never be the same again and I can’t wait to do another course with them.

Nicky, Berkshire – Sept 2020

Jayne, Oxford Feb 2020

“I had a great time on the evasive driving day!

It was a bit scary, very exciting and hugely enjoyable. I was definitely not the best driver, but I learnt a lot and had great fun.

Chris and his team were really knowledgeable and helpful. I’d recommend this day out!

Jayne, Oxford – Feb 2020

Jamie, Oxfordshire Oct 2019

An excellent and surprising day that was great fun and really challenging. Having done some advanced driving, I was surprised by the high-level of dynamic manoeuvres being taught. 

The instruction was clear, the facilities were ideal, and the company allowed a good deal of ‘seat time’ to get to grips with the new skills.

When not driving there was extra ground instruction and some very cool skills being taught. 

A great day out that I won’t forget, just a shame I have nowhere to practise this in my car!”

Jamie, Oxfordshire – Oct 2019

Gareth, Oxfordshire Oct 2019

“Great day out. Chris and the team were highly professional and adopted a relaxed approach to learning. I had never done J turns and 180 handbrake turns. Would highly recommend and will be returning. Thank you for a great experience”

Gareth, Oxfordshire – Oct 2019

Justin, London Oct 2019

“I had a very instructive day at V-FORCE learning to drive evasively whilst doing surveillance. My skills and driving confidence has significantly improved – an awesome day out highly recommended”

Justin, London – Oct 2019

Craig, Oxfordshire Oct 2019

What a day! I wasn’t expecting that level of intensity at all, I thought my heart and adrenaline was going to pop a vein! 

Non-stop back to back fun whilst learning some new skills and burning up some rubber, couldn’t ask for more. 

Never thought I’d be able to drive like that as it initially looked crazy, but the expert instruction and breakdown of the moves saw me master it. 

Well worth it, and I’d love to do it again!

Craig, Oxfordshire – Oct 2019

Tom, Derbyshire Oct 2019

Clearly defined training objectives professionally and credibly delivered in a realistic environment…and on top of that it also happens to be awesome fun! Chris, Clare and the team delivered an excellent course maximising time spent in the car learning from your own areas for improvement and those of your team mates. The results speak for themselves; all of the people attending the course were able to put together all of the skills learned throughout the day in an adrenaline fuelled final exercise. I’m looking forward to what courses V-FORCE put together in the future. You can definitely count me in!

Tom, Derbyshire – Oct 2019

Chris, Berkshire Nov 2019

“A great tactical driving course, really professionally organised. Lessons built up from the basics, by the afternoon I was chucking the car round with confidence! Really good fun!” 

Chris, Berkshire – Nov 2019

Rowley, Norfolk Nov 2019

“I was given this the evasive driving course for my 40th Birthday by my wife.

I must say that it was fantastic fun. Chris and the team built my knowledge and skills from zero to handbrake-turn aficionado (in my eyes only) in no time.

A great day out that I would recommend to anyone looking for an adrenalin rush”

Rowley, Norfolk – Nov 2019

Daniel, Yeovil Nov 2019

The recent experience with V-FORCE doing evasive driver training was incredible. When we arrived we were very well looked after and there was a good selection of drinks and snacks.

Without dropping spoilers the demonstrations that we were shown at the beginning were brilliant! Having never done anything like this before, the (amazingly) calm staff were always available and talked us through everything.

We both learnt a lot in the afternoon we were there and both felt that our car control skill had dramatically improved! The final challenge was great to consolidate but also proved to be very fun!

Would definitely recommend V-FORCE and the driving package

Daniel, Yeovil – Nov 2019

Richard, London Nov 2019

I had a great time on Chris Vosper’s evasive driving course. But it’s not for the faint hearted!

It’s intensive and there’s absolutely no wasted time on the day. I was fascinated how quickly we learned the skills. It’s a very well put together package of instruction. A real eye opener”

Richard, London – Nov 2019

Jamie, Oxford Dec 2019

“An excellent experience giving really unique and dynamic driving skills. A well thought out, well delivered day with no time wasted – this is not for those who want a relaxed driving demonstration and then to chat over a coffee!

Chris and his team worked hard from the off and everyone had a smile on their face after the first session in the cars. The day just improved from there with everyone raring to get back in the cars throughout and improve their driving. It culminated in a challenging driving competition and, although I didn’t win, it was great fun to put everything we’d learnt together in a real scenario.

An awesome day out with loads of time behind the wheel. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a very dynamic driving experience or just to have a really exciting day driving like they do in the movies!!

Jamie, Oxford – Dec 2019

Catherine, Glastonbury Jan 2020

A great day out! Interesting, fun and something a bit different to all the other driving experiences out there.

Good instructors and loads of time behind the wheel gave me plenty of opportunity to practice what I’d been taught. It might seem a bit expensive, but it’s actually pretty good value considering how much driving you get (and how much rubber you burn through!) Thoroughly recommended 😁😁👌”

Catherine, Glastonbury – Jan 2020