Do you have what it takes to be part of an Elite S.W.A.T Team?

Our Rally Interceptor driving day will give you a real and raw experience of what it takes to be a driver for an Elite S.W.A.T Team. 


Subaru Impreza rally interceptor sliding on a loose surface

Tasked to take down and arrest a top priority target, you have to be ready to give chase if necessary, applying the pressure, forcing them to stop…Safely!

This isn’t an American police car chase, which ends up looking like a demolition derby. We use much more stealth-like and low-key techniques to do the job.

The day climaxes in a highly realistic chase/mission that requires expert use of advanced interceptor driving techniques. 

But before you can go out and put these into action as part of the elite S.W.A.T team, you need to know what these techniques are and how to master them! 

  • Techniques that will enable you to drive on loose and low grip surfaces whilst still pushing the performance of your interceptor vehicle.
  • Mastering the art of weight transfer techniques to power slide your car around corners, without spinning off
  • How and when to skilfully use handbrake turns to tackle sharp corners and hairpin bends
Vehicle Gunnery with the Subaru Impreza

By the end of the day you’ll look like a stunt driver from a James Bond movie!

However…We can’t expect you to catch up with the high profile target if you don’t know how to chase a vehicle.

See, despite what many think…To be a successful interceptor, it requires a lot more skill and focus than your average boy racer. 

It’s not as simple as slamming your foot down on the accelerator going fast as you can. 

You’ll discover all the key techniques pro drivers and elite front line operators use when in pursuit. 

And once you’ve mastered these techniques and skills. It’s off to the races as you’re ready for the grand finale. 


Gareth Smart and Chris Bailey Rally Interceptor

Tasked as the driver for an elite S.W.A.T team, your mission is to track down and arrest a high priority target.

The target is aware that you’re on to them, so they floor it.

It’s down to you to be the aggressor, they’ll do anything to shake you off their tail. 

Using some clever manoeuvring you’ll be able to skillfully powerslide around tight corners and hairpin bends with ease, like a scene from Mission Impossible.

The high priority target soon realises they’re not going to shake you…They give up and pull over.

Keeping a safe distance from the target vehicle, the rest of your S.W.A.T team break out and make the arrest.

Rear of a Subaru WRX Rally Driving training vehicle

Sounds like a pretty intense and fun day doesn’t it?

Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself…“This sounds intense .. Will I be able to do this?” And while the day is intense, don’t let that put you off… 

At V-FORCE Training, we don’t judge on your current driving skills, we can take any level of driver and make them better. Giving them everything they need to execute all these techniques and manoeuvres successfully whilst having loads of fun. 

We provide an in-depth and entertaining day, with enough coaching from our team of experts so that you can walk away feeling like you’ve accomplished something new and exciting. 

While there are tonnes of options for track days.  We want to give a lot more than just the opportunity to jump in a fast car. Or simply speed around an airfield as fast as you can. Sure, that stuff’s fun, but we want to give a lot more than that.

Our aim is to deliver a behind-the-scenes experience of how some of the most elite front line operators have to train, before being allowed to deploy in the field. This is as close as you’ll ever get to the real thing.  

V-FORCE Training are the only company who offer this to non serving front line operators…and it’s highly unlikely you’ll experience anything like this, unless you’re actually training to become an elite front line operator.  

Check out the event details and dates below.  Please note: Events always fill up fast, and there are only limited spaces available. Take action now to avoid disappointment.

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