Pursuit and Rapid Response Training


The training objective is to develop high speed driving and rear wheel drive car control skills on a sealed surface using medium-large sized saloon cars with manual transmission.  Vehicle dynamics (weight transfer and grip) will be explored to learn how to extract the maximum performance from each vehicle.

The skills may be applied in an operational context to allow operators to quickly close to a target in order to conduct surveillance or to respond rapidly to provide mutual support to a friendly team / asset with additional firepower, medical evacuation or surveillance capacity.


  • Learn rear wheel drive rally driving techniques on a loose / low-grip surface
  • Learn rear wheel drive circuit racing techniques on a sealed tarmac surface
  • Learn car control skills to get the maximum performance out of the car
  • Learn power sliding on a loose surface making most use of rear wheel drive handling learning weight-transfer techniques majoring on grip-limit handling
  • Progress to fast laps on a tight twisty tarmac circuit learning high speed driving
  • Final tactical sequence includes Pursuit and Evasion techniques. Respond rapidly to a tactical situation using high speed driving and advanced techniques to quickly close to a target in order to conduct surveillance or to pursue a hostile vehicle. Part way through our surveillance, we get re-tasked to support a friendly call-sign who is injured. Break off that mobile surveillance, drive as quickly as possible to the emergency rendezvous as fast as we can to pickup that wounded operator and drive them to an emergency facility and safety

Additional information

RWD Handling

Age: 18 or over
Height: 5ft 2ins – 6ft 6ins
Maximum weight: 18 stone
Licence required? Yes, full UK manual driving licence held for at least 1 year must be presented on the day
International full manual licences/permits are acceptable on the condition that the driver can communicate well in English

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