High Performance Interceptor Training


The training objectives of this course are to develop rally driving techniques and car control skills on a loose surface in order to exploit the maximum performance of the car. The course builds to a final sequence in which you chase down and conduct intercept drills against a vehicle-mounted enemy.


  • Learn rally driving techniques on a loose / low-grip surface
  • Learn car control skills to get the maximum performance out of the car
  • Learn weight-transfer techniques majoring on lift-off oversteer to get the car to rotate (the fundamentals of rally driving)
  • Progress to handbrake turns, which can develop in to open hairpins and 180 power sliding
  • Drive through a Rally stage getting progressively quicker and slicker with your newly learnt rally driving techniques
  • Final tactical sequence includes Aggressor / Intercept chase down drills through a tight twisty gravel surface applying everything learnt to that point. To then stop that vehicle and either conduct an arrest or assassination of the occupants, to extract intelligence and handover to the Operations Room to exploit that intelligence

Additional information


Age: 18 or over
Height: 5ft 2ins – 6ft 6ins
Maximum weight: 18 stone
Licence required? Yes, a full UK manual driving licence held for at least 1 year must be presented on the day
International full manual licences/permits are acceptable on the condition that the driver can communicate well in English

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