Do you have what it takes to drive like an undercover MI5 operator?

Our Evasive Driving Training day will give you a real and raw experience of what’s taught to some of the best frontline operators in the world, including:

  • The Special Forces (SAS)
  • Armed Police
  • Surveillance Operators
  • Bodyguards responsible for looking after VIPs
Evasive Driving Training experience in an under cover mission

This day is intense, it’s rigorous and it’s fast paced.  It’s also a LOT of fun!

It goes way beyond just seeing how good a driver you are.  Because the best part?  Our grand finale…

A real-life role play scenario, where you’ll be thrown head-first into a real world situation that the Special Forces, Armed Police and Bodyguards are trained and ready for.

WARNING: You must not replicate this on regular roads.  What you’ll be taught is highly effective and requires a high degree of responsibility.  

You’ll start the day by being launched straight into a surveillance mission guided by one of our expert instructors.  You’ll need to keep your wits about you for any threats that might catch you out.  

We use ordinary cars to blend in on our undercover mission but you’ll be amazed at just how much performance you can get from an ordinary car in the hands of a professional.  Later in the day you’ll learn how to push an ‘everyday’ car to its absolute limits.


Evasive Driving Training reverse j turn

This is where you’ll learn the evasive manoeuvres that the Special Forces use to evade threats, including:

  • The J-Turn.  One of the best manoeuvres to escape from trouble ahead
  • The Handbrake-turn. One of the most effective ways to avoid a head-on threat
  • Advanced front wheel drive techniques including weight transfer and threshold braking

Once you’ve mastered the advanced manoeuvres, it’s time to put everything together as we prepare you for an experience you won’t forget.


Evasive Driving Training inside covert surveillance operation

Strapped into your vehicle, you’re providing some undercover surveillance on a high-profile target.  As you’re reporting back to the HQ you notice some unusual behaviour.

You then realise your cover has been blown.  There’s only one thing for it.  You need to make a sharp exit if you want to avoid capture.  

As the target car fast approaches you from the front, you slam it in reverse at speed, pulling a textbook J-turn. You then enter the tight and twisty course at high speed, to make your getaway, whilst avoiding any obstacles that get in your way. 

If the situation dictates, you drive as fast as possible to a pre-arranged rendezvous to meet with a waiting getaway car.

Evasive Driving Training with Gun Inside the car

This might sound like a lot to deal with…In a REAL life scenario it would be!

You will have one of our first-class instructors by your side, giving you the support and advice, keeping you cool, calm, and collected, so that you can execute your well-practiced moves with precision and accuracy.  

Once you get out of the danger zone and to safety, you’ll make your way back to HQ to be debriefed by the training staff.  And that concludes the real-life role play exercise. 

Now, you might well be thinking…“This is different!” and you’re right!

We provide such an in-depth and entertaining day because we want to give a lot more than just the opportunity to jump into a car and speed around an airfield, like you’re a celebrity in a reasonably priced car.  

No, we want to give a lot more than that.  Our aim is to deliver a behind the scenes experience, showing you what highly trained surveillance operators have to be ready for, before they go and deploy in the field.

This hasn’t been done anywhere else before, and whilst it’s likely you could be shown these kinds of manoeuvres elsewhere, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have had the opportunity to pull them off whilst being involved in a REAL life role play scenario against highly skilled drivers.  

Check out the event details and dates below.  Please note: Events always fill up fast, and there are only limited spaces available. Take action now to avoid disappointment.

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