Our Evasive Driving Training course focuses on developing the skills required to competently execute evasive driving manoeuvres under high pressure.  It’s like being in an action movie car chase – for real.


  • Learn fundamental front wheel drive rally driving techniques on tarmac surface
  • Learn car control skills to get the maximum performance out of the car
  • Learn advanced handling and evasive manoeuvres including J-turns and 180 handbrake turns with a frontal threat, to escape in the opposite direction
  • Progress to advanced handling course where we link a sequence of J-Turns, handbrake turns and a tight twisty circuit with a threat so that we can escape under pressure and execute all techniques learnt under pressure
  • Final tactical sequence involves emulating an undercover surveillance operator conducting a surveillance operation on a live target to overwatch. Surveillance car bag with video camera, binoculars and radio, setup in an observation point recording what activity is taking place and communicating that back to the Operations Room. When a threat does occur, the driver ceases activity and reverses into a J-Turn and follows an escape route through a a tight twisty circuit extracting as much performance out of the car to get to a position of safety. A second QRF Team will be waiting at the end of the sequence as backup, where you will cross deck into that escape vehicle where you will be driven to safety


  • Ordinary, low-profile, Front Wheel Drive FWD medium-sized cars
  • Undercover, vehicle-mounted static surveillance operational profile
  • Hostile environment with a multitude of threats
  • Plain clothes; basic surveillance equipment
  • Utilise a Quick Reaction Force in a second vehicle for back-up


  • The basics of vehicle-mounted surveillance will be introduced in a short exercise
  • You will practice operating basic surveillance equipment including video camera, binoculars and radio
  • You will learn how to react to threats including utilising the support of a Quick Reaction Force in a second vehicle
  • J-Turns will be taught and practiced repeatedly until a high level of competence has been achieved
  • Handbrake turns, used primarily as an evasive manoeuvre, will be taught and practiced until a high level of competence has been achieved
  • Having mastered the fundamentals, the course moves to the final phase which consolidates everything taught in an intensive final exercise 
  • In this immersive scenario, you will emulate an undercover surveillance operator with a live target to observe and report on to the Ops room over the radio
  • You will react to threats as they occur and execute the techniques you have learned in order to escape and evade under pressure in a sequence of J-Turns, handbrake turns and a tight, twisty circuit