Chris Vosper, nominated for the ’25 push up’s for 25 days’ PTSD Challenge

PTSD 25 day press up challenge

On the 25th July 2020, Chris Vosper Founder and CEO of V-FORCE Training was nominated to do ’25 push up’s for 25 days’ by Steve Bailey to raise awareness for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety and depression that drive people to commit suicide.

The rules were simple:

  • Once nominated, your 25 days starts the following day
  • Every day you record yourself doing 25 push-ups even if you have to drop to your knees to get 25, or even do them in clusters of 5
  • Every day you must nominate a different person
  • Let’s reach as many people as possible

By doing this we can build awareness for anyone who is suffering from a mental illness, you’re not alone and we are here for you.

Well done to everyone involved so far πŸ’ͺπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‘ don’t be afraid to speak out!

Chris decided that he would make this a challenge for himself both physically and mentally challenging, whilst engaging for those who continued to watch and show their support.

If you click on any of the push up images below, they will take you through to the push up’s videos themselves on Facebook – Enjoy!

Combat Stress 0800 138 1619 – MIND 0300 123 1619 – Veterans UK 0808 1914 218 – SSAFA 0800 7314 880NHS 111 – Help for Heroes 07808 789 492

Day 1 of 25

Standard 25 push up’s in the gym…powered by a VERY tasty birthday cake πŸ°!

Day 2 of 25

Today saw the addition of a 40lbs weighted vest, it certainly demands a little more effort πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Day 3 of 25

Chris said ‘today I’m going to do it wearing a 40lb weighted vest 25 and to make it a little more challenging, close arm rather than normal width arm press up’s’

Day 4 of 25

Chris said ‘today I’m going to wear a 40lb weighted vest 25 and I’m going to do wide arm rather than normal conventional arm press up’s’

Day 5 of 25

Chris said ‘today I have switched out of my 40lb weighted vest for a Roman Centurion’s rig and so to compensate I’m going to throw in a couple more tricky variations of the standard press up, lets hope the helmet stays on’

Centurion rig; 5 sets of the following press-up variations: single-arm, close-arm, clap, wide-arm and Spider-Man

Day 6 of 25

Today Chris was dressed as in a banana costume

Burpee-pressups πŸŒ

25 reps plus an undisclosed number of additional reps πŸ€”

Day 7 of 25

Today Chris was dressed as an 80’s chav with a 40lb weighted vest

40lbs weighted vest; 25x wide-arm press-ups; 80’s chav shell suit (redders!)

Day 8 of 25

Todays pushup’s saw Chris completing 25x shoulder/high angle press-ups utilising V-FORCE Training’s Focus 02

Day 9 of 25

Chris said ‘today I’ve decided to wear a leather flying cap and onesie because…why not!’

Day 10 of 25

Today saw Chris in a 40lbs weighted vest completing 25x standard press-ups, 550g weighted biker hat and goggles

Day 11 of 25

Today saw Chris dressed in caveman rig completing 7x single arm, 8x wide arm, 10x standard press-ups

Day 12 of 25

So there was no rig today, just a beasting!

25x pull-up – press-ups Last few reps were a little cheeky πŸ€ͺ

Day 13 of 25

Rock star rig


Chris completed 5x each of the following press-up types: clap, SEAL, clock, Spider-Man, close-arm

Day 14 of 25

Today saw Chris dressed in a flat cap, bad teeth and smoking pipe…

Day 15 of 25

Well, what can we say? we’re uncertain what look Chris has managed to achieve here #donttakeyourselftooseriously

25x standard press-ups, rocking a powerful look. πŸ˜±

Day 16 of 25

(Light-scales Bergen)

So, today’s session was a chance for some reflection…

Chris said ‘Good afternoon everybody, hope everybody’s well. It’s day 16 of my 25 day PTSD awareness press up challenge, I just wanted to remind everybody what it is I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I was kindly nominated by Steve Bailey and was delighted to accept the challenge to draw attention and raise awareness to PTSD, anxiety and depression that potentially could lead to suicide. Sadly I personally have lost people I know due to PTSD, with those feeling unable to speak to anybody and sadly took their own lives and I also know many sufferers of PTSD and this is just a small part that I can play to raise awareness for this great cause. So no rig today, just a good old fashioned beasting…Just to crank up the challenge for me a little bit I’m wearing a 35 to 40lb Bergen and I’m going to smash out 25 straight press ups’

Day 17 of 25

So today saw the 25 push up’s in Morris dancing rig πŸ€”

Day 18 of 25

Today was a Banana man theme with 25 standard push up’s

Day 19 of 25

Today was no rig, just a good old beasting with a 45lbs Bergen

Day 20 of 25

Today saw Chris dressed in Halloween rig…scary stuff!

Day 21 of 25

Today was no rig for Chris, just an almighty 50lbs Bergen!

Day 22 of 25

Chris said ‘Good game…nice to see you…to see you nice’

Today was significantly easier without the 50lbs of Bergen on his back!

Day 23 of 25

Chris was dressed today in the Royal Navy uniform (his wife’s fancy dress outfit to be precise!)

Chris said ‘ahoy there shiver me timbers, this is a tip of the hat to my shipmates out there. Day 23 of the PTSD 25 day press up challenge’

25x press-ups: 5x clap; 5x close-arm; 5x standard; 5x wide-arm; 5x spiderman βš“️ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Day 24&25 of 25

Today which is the final session for Chris dressed in a tuxedo…this was his final chance for some reflection and why this cause is so crucial now more than ever…

50x press-ups, dinner jacket / black tie:20x high angle; 15x 52lbs Bergen; 15x pull-up-burpee-clap press-ups

Chris started by saying ‘Good evening everybody, I hope you’re all well, and hope morale is high with you. This is my 24th and 25th day of the 25 day PTSD awareness press up challenge. I’ve deliberately combined the two days. I’m also going to be doing a variety of different press up types just to give myself more of a beasting more of a challenge and more hardship. The reason that I’m doing these press ups is I was nominated by Steve Bailey 25 days ago thanks for nomination Steve, it’s being an honour to carry forward the message. PTSD, anxiety and depression that drives people to commit suicide, it’s an absolute tragedy whatever we can do to play our part in offering support and raising awareness to help prevent people from taking their own lives because of any of those conditions so thank you to all those I’ve nominated who’ve taken up the mantle continued to raise awareness and take up the challenge for themselves and thanks for all the well wishing and support for everybody who’s been supporting me as I’ve been in and out of various types of fancy dress rig and doing a plethora of different press up types over the last several weeks for anyone I’ve nominated that hasn’t had a chance to get cracking yet then it’s not too late please get amongst it embrace it and show your support for this great cause much love to you all.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed taking part. Please show your support to these great charities.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who works in the many great support organisations which help those who suffer with PTSD πŸ™

Combat Stress 0800 138 1619 – MIND 0300 123 1619 – Veterans UK 0808 1914 218 – SSAFA 0800 7314 880NHS 111 – Help for Heroes 07808 789 492

Best wishes

Chris Vosper
V-FORCE Training
08080 VFORCEΒ 

0808 083 6723

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