V-FORCE was established in 2014 to deliver the best elements of the World’s finest Special Ops Units training combined with extreme sports and motorsport to give the most rewarding and enjoyable experience available anywhere.  The hallmarks of the V-FORCE brand are high quality and professionalism. 


The V-FORCE mission is to deliver the most enjoyable and rewarding Special Ops Skills training in the World through a series of superb activities which are extremely well delivered.


The culture and ethos of V-FORCE is founded upon the hallmarks of the world’s finest Special Ops Units and teams.  The quality of the people, leadership and team spirit are at the heart of the organisation.  All those who are part of V-FORCE have been selected by virtue of their excellent qualities and this contributes to a vibrant, positive and enjoyable atmosphere. 

Everyone makes a vital contribution to, and is focused on, the delivery of excellent training and superb customer care.


  • Superb customer care
  • Exceptional standards of staff personal conduct
  • Exceptional standards of instruction
  • Finest equipment & environment


The training philosophy is to develop a given skill-set for each individual as much as possible within the training period.  Each element of training accommodates differing experience start states and learning aptitude. 

The Client Training Objectives consist of the following:

  • Experience great exhilaration and enjoyment 
  • Develop high ability in niche skills
  • Develop personal qualities by aspiring to achieve high standards in everything

What People Say

An excellent and surprising day that was great fun and really challenging. Having done some advanced driving, I was surprised by the high-level of dynamic manoeuvres being taught.  The instruction was clear, the facilities were ideal, and the company allowed a good deal of ‘seat time’ to get to grips with the new skills. When not driving there was extra ground instruction and some very cool skills being taught.  A great day out that I won’t forget, just a shame I have nowhere to practise this in my car!”

Jamie, Oxfordshire

What a day! I wasn’t expecting that level of intensity at all, I thought my heart and adrenaline was going to pop a vein!  Non-stop back to back fun whilst learning some new skills and burning up some rubber, couldn’t ask for more.  Never thought I’d be able to drive like that as it initially looked crazy, but the expert instruction and breakdown of the moves saw me master it.  Well worth it, and I’d love to do it again!

Craig, Oxfordshire

Clearly defined training objectives professionally and credibly delivered in a realistic environment…and on top of that it also happens to be awesome fun! Chris, Clare and the team delivered an excellent course maximising time spent in the car learning from your own areas for improvement and those of your team mates. The results speak for themselves; all of the people attending the course were able to put together all of the skills learned throughout the day in an adrenaline fuelled final exercise. I’m looking forward to what courses V-FORCE put together in the future. You can definitely count me in!

Tom, Derbyshire