10 reasons why ‘V-FORCE Training’ is the best driving experience for thrill seekers

Black Subaru WRX Rally Driving experience

For the thrill-seeking petrol head, choosing the perfect driving experience can seem like a bit of a minefield, especially because most of the driving experiences you see have the same kind of look and feel.

We’ve found that with the lower priced experience days, you can often end up spending most of your day hanging around waiting for your turn and when you do eventually get behind the wheel, you only have enough time for a handful of laps.

So, imagine if you could book a driving experience that gives you plenty of seat time and helps you to learn and develop some dynamic new skills used by racing drivers, stunt drivers and the Special Forces, without all the unnecessary waiting around. 

That’s exactly what we do at V-FORCE Training. There’s much more to our experiences than ripping around a circuit. We’ve cranked up the intensity to make it one of the best days out there, ideal for the most thrill-seeking of people.

We pull back the curtain to show you how pro rally drivers, stunt drivers and the Special Forces execute advanced manoeuvres.

We don’t just show you them – we teach you them – so that by the end of your day, you’re doing handbrake turns, or taking part in high-speed pursuits like a seasoned pro. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have four amazing events to choose from, so if you’re not already hooked on the idea of mastering some seriously exhilarating, advanced manoeuvres…

Then here’s 10 reasons why ‘V-FORCE Training’ is the best driving experience for thrill seekers

  1. We’ll show you the specific moves and techniques that stunt drivers use in action movies which can also be used as real life tactical manoeuvres to evade a threat.
  2. It’s a high-tempo and action-packed day, but also a LOT of fun.
  3. You’ll discover how to use the very same techniques that rally pro’s use to push their cars to the limit on different surfaces, such as loose gravel, and you’ll experience the thrill of sliding the car around.
  4. You’ll be able to anticipate and respond quicker to a car’s movements to remain in control at the limit.
  5. You’ll learn some exciting and interesting new tactical skills used by Close Protection Bodyguards and Surveillance Operators.
  6. We’ll pressure-test your new and enhanced skills with our immersive tactical scenario, designed to test your driving capabilities in an exhilarating real-life operational simulation.
  7. In your passenger seat you’ll have a first-class instructor giving you tips and pointers so you can push the car harder and faster.
  8. Regardless of your driving abilities, you’ll walk away a more confident and proficient driver on the road.
  9. You’ll be encouraged to extract as much of the car’s performance potential as possible.  (You rarely get the opportunity to extract anywhere near the full performance of a supercar on a supercar experience day, for example.)
  10. When you’ve had a day with V-FORCE Training it’s a day you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. And that’s a FACT!

So, there you have it, 10 reasons why V-FORCE Training events are made for the thrill seeker. We’ve left no stone unturned and packed many decades of military experience and first-class driving knowledge into our bespoke driving experience days.

Want to see if V-FORCE Training has what you need in a driving experience day?

Head on over to our website and check out the available dates for our next events.

Events always fill up fast, and there are only limited spaces available.  Take action now to avoid disappointment.

Best wishes

Chris Vosper
V-FORCE Training
0118 950 5280

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What we do is like nothing you’ll ever see outside of an Elite Specialist Training Unit. 

Using only the best elements of the world’s finest Special Ops units, V-FORCE Training combines motorsport and extreme sports into one action-packed experience. 

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