Drawing upon the best elements of the world’s finest Special Ops units, V-FORCE combines motorsport and extreme sports with niche skills training to significantly develop any drivers skills.

Our suite of superb training courses are tailored for:

  • Thrill-seeking petrol heads who want to enjoy the most exhilarating and exciting day out available anywhere
  • Professionals in the security or stunt industries and military or police personnel who wish to enhance their skill-set

Each course maximises skills development with a progressive and intensive programme giving substantial learning and practice time under expert instruction in a controlled environment. The training is extremely intense, rewarding and enjoyable – an experience unlike any other.

Evasive Driving in a black Ford Focus ST on a loose surface


  • Evasive driving skills for undercover surveillance operations
  • Front wheel drive car control and advanced handling skills
  • Exploitation of maximum car performance
  • Reaction to threat drills including J-turns and handbrake turns
Black Ford Focus ST driving on the loose, pursuit and rapid response driving


  • Pursuit and rapid response driving skills for surveillance and close protection operations
  • Rear wheel drive saloon car control skills including power sliding and fast driving
  • Close rapidly to a target in order to conduct mobile surveillance
  • Respond rapidly in support of a friendly unit as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
Black Subaru Impreza driving on the loose, high performance interceptor driving


  • SWAT team vehicle interdiction skills against a vehicle-mounted threat
  • 4-wheel drive high performance car control skills on a loose surface
  • Weight-transfer techniques, handbrake turns and power sliding
  • Interceptor drills for arrest/capture/exploitation


  • Vehicle-borne gunnery skills for Hostile Environment operations
  • A variety of vehicle types and replica firearms
  • Vehicle-mounted engagements against static targets
  • Vehicle-mounted engagements against moving targets