What we do is like nothing you’ll ever see outside of an Elite Specialist Training Unit.

Using only the best elements of the world’s finest Special Ops units, V-FORCE combines motorsport and extreme sports into one action-packed experience. 

Evasive Driving Training thumbnail


Front wheel drive car control and advanced handling skills

– Reaction to threat drills including J-turns and handbrake turns

Rapid Response Driving thumbnail


– Rear wheel drive car control skills including power sliding and fast driving

– Respond rapidly in support of a friendly unit as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

Rally Interceptor Driving thumbnail


– 4-wheel drive high performance car control skills based on loose surface rally techniques

– SWAT team vehicle interdiction skills against a vehicle-mounted threat

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A variety of vehicle types and replica firearms are used to develop vehicle gunnery skills

Vehicle-mounted engagements against static and moving targets

V-FORCE Training was founded in 2014 by Chris Vosper, a highly trained and decorated military pilot and Army Officer, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

He flew numerous operational missions as a pilot and mission commander in the hot seat of the AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter, the most lethal and advanced attack helicopter the world has ever seen.

Chris Vosper and Uncle Bill in Afghanistan

Chris is passionate about motorsport, holds BARS Rally and ARDS Racing Instructor qualifications and competes in both disciplines.

During his 24 year military career, Chris served alongside some of the most recognised and elite units in the world. This gave him the inspiration to create V-FORCE Training. 

Chris wanted to take all the training used by elite front line operators, to create the perfect package for a thrill-seeking, adrenaline junky, who’s looking for a spine-tingling, action-packed day.

He took some of the most advanced driving concepts out there, and condensed them down, so ANYONE could try their hand and become proficient in just one day.

You don’t need to be a professional driver to take part in any of our events! 

Evasive Driving Training experience in an under cover mission

No matter what your driving experience is, whether you’ve been driving for 12 months or 20 years, V-FORCE won’t judge you on your capabilities or experience.  

It’s been proven that even at a basic level of driving experience, you too can pull off  some seriously impressive and complex moves. 

All it requires is some simple instruction, a little bit of guidance with plenty of practice. 

All of which will be delivered by our team of world class instructors. 

You’ll achieve things you didn’t think were possible, whilst having loads of fun!

Vehicle Gunnery with the Subaru Impreza

For the beginners, this is THE best way to try your hand at elite level driving, level-up fast…

and for the more advanced out there with all your driving knowledge and expertise, we’ll show you how to combine it all together putting you amongst the best of the best of elite drivers.

Here’s our driving events / experiences and the specially selected vehicles we use:

  • Evasive Driving Training  – Ford Focus
  • Rapid Response Driving – BMW 3 Series
  • Rally Interceptor Driving – Subaru WRX
  • Vehicle Gunnery – Using multiple vehicle types

All of our events end with a grand finale, which simulates what an Elite Front Line Operator would have to do for real, when faced with a hostile threat or situation.  

Keeping cool, calm and collected is absolutely essential. With our team of Instructors by your side, you’ll get all the support and advice you need. So that you can execute your evasive, rapid responsive, and interceptor driving styles with precision and accuracy, setting you up for a successful mission.

Once you’ve experienced a day in the life of an elite front line operator running on adrenaline…

Not only will you be walking away with a big cheesy grin on your face, armed with a new set of driving skills…You’ll love it so much, you’ll be back for more.

Check out our event details page for more information. 

Some of the amazing organisations we are fortunate enough to work with:

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